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I couldn't recommend Louise and South London Dog Training and Behaviour more highly. I have taken my dog for so many trainings and nothing help us then I find Stephen and decide to take my GSD boy to residential training and that was the best decision I have made. At Extremus we offer Residential Dog Training Courses, during which your dog stays with us here, for a period of around 4 weeks. Courses are run at Emma's own home in Claremorris in rural Co Mayo and rather than your dog living in a kennel during their stay with us they live in a normal household environment (even if they are all shades of crazy) and will be treated as a pet and part of the family rather than the more regimental kennel and boarding approach to residential training. If you have a dog with behavioural issues, require assistance in selecting the perfect puppy, or wish to maximise the potential of your current canine companion, Kelford is here to assist with every aspect of dog ownership and behaviour. Kennels and boarding for your dog or puppy. Our renowned dog training services include residential dog training and workshops. one to one, veterinary recommended dog and puppy training and behaviour courses, One to One Dog and Puppy Training in Your Own Home, one to one dog and puppy training and behaviour sessions, Sit to have a lead put on and leave the house without any fuss. Training At Mabie Forest Kennels we pride ourselves in being dog enthusiasts as well as trainers, so you can be assured your dog is in safe, experienced hands. We also offered residential dog training courses on a remedial basis for family dogs which had severe issues and which displayed behaviours which were proving problematic for their owners. We are happy to discuss ANY residential training or behaviour requirements you may have. And don't worry, none of our training techniques employ the use of food or treats as the reward mechanism so no more carrying around pockets full of dog treats. Providing the best dog training in England, UK. Our options include Residential dog training, dog training classes, home training, puppy training, training you dog for your new baby or if you are moving house. So, if you want to live with a well behaved family dog, it is down to you to do this; not a stranger (unless you employ a dog nanny who does daily training for you but the dog lives primarily with you, or hire someone who does the training daily and then shows you how to maintain this by involving you in a series of training sessions). In the case of lockdown or tutor/owner needing to isolate, courses will be moved online. Secondly, training is not a finite process. You do not want to lose control of HOW your dog is taught or WHAT they are learning. One to One Dog and Puppy Training with a qualified dog trainer and behaviourist in your own home. We achieve consistently high results much to the delight of our clients who entrust their much loved family companions to our care to learn new skills but don't take our word for it, please see our testimonials . Our residential obedience training programme achieves success rates of approximately 98%...and usually in only three weeks! Including the following major towns and their surrounding areas:- At the center we hold 10 week courses for Puppy and Adult dogs. Residential training is an intensive training route which enables us to start your dog off in the right direction which you can then continue once they are back at home. It is often the first stages of training that can be the hardest. Within a month or two the dog "forgot" his training because the owners were unable to maintain the training the residential school had delivered. Usually the residential trainers don't show you how they do this because they want you to return later for refresher training to spend another small fortune. I can train both you and your dogs to a high standard so that you can enjoy them to the maximum. Thirdly, we need to know how to teach our dogs. These courses are the perfect solution for your dogs training, especially if your dog is displaying aggression or reactivity. Steve also works with a variety of pet dogs, assisting behavioural changes which result in a calm and well adjusted dog – living in a happier household. As a guide please allow for a three week stay for basic training. You should know that if anyone boards your dog they should have a boarding licence and be registered with the council. When you collect your dog you will be shown a demonstration of your dog’s new skills.

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